Clearing fees

The clearing fees are the charges, set by E-Control, that the balance group representatives (BGRs) must pay APCS.1

Every BGR must pay us a clearing fee, graduated according the size and make-up of the total energy supply or demand volume of its balance group(s). The current rates are:

  • For all chargeable physical energy consumption2: EUR 0,0887/MWh;
  • For all chargeable energy sales3: EUR 0,0079/MWh.


1 NB: The current clearing fees are established by the tenth Clearing Fee (Amendment) Order, which came into force on 1 October 2023.

2Chargeable physical energy consumption is the total metered consumption on the demand side of a balance group’s energy balance.

3Chargeable energy sales are the total energy demand volume4 of a balance group less its physical energy consumption.

4The total energy demand volume of a balance group is the aggregate of energy sales (sales schedules), physical energy consumption (metered consumption data) and supplied balancing energy. This is equal to the total energy supply volume, which is the aggregate of energy purchases (procurement schedules), generation (metered generation data) and balancing energy procurement.