The subsequent charging process

Who is entitled to request subsequent charging?

Only a balance group representative or system operator may request subsequent charging. Those doing so must always bear the cost of this process. Links to the application forms are at the foot of this page. Print out the relevant form, complete it and send it by post to APCS.

What is the purpose of subsequent charging?

If your invoice was based on incorrect aggregated balance group data, network transfer data or schedules, you can send us corrected data, and request adjustments to your invoicing data and a revised invoice. We call this “subsequent charging”.

Who has to be notified of a subsequent charging request?

If you wish to transmit corrected data to us for a subsequent charging process, you must first notify the balance groups and suppliers affected, including the system losses and own consumption balance groups in the network concerned.

When do we have to send the subsequent charging data?

Once you have sent us the subsequent charging application and notified the market participants concerned (see above), you can transmit the data to us at any time. It does not matter whether a date has been set for the subsequent charging process, as the data will simply be “parked” until we carry out the process.
You must give the market participants affected by your request access to the revised data. It is important for the internal clearing and settlement among the market participants concerned to be based on the same data as is available to us, otherwise it will not be possible to verify the internal accounting.

How is the invoicing performed?

When the date of the subsequent charging process has been set, we notify the market participants concerned by sending emails to their administrative and technical contact persons. A subsequent charging process will only deal with the invoice components cited in your application. The balance groups affected receive new invoices in which the differences between the previous and new amounts are itemised, and these BGs’ accounts are credited or debited accordingly. Any party requesting subsequent charging will also receive an invoice for the costs involved.