Balance group (BG)

Registering an additional balance group is much less time-consuming than registering as a BGR. To do so, you need proof that you belong to an existing balance group.

To register an additional balance group you must send us the following:

  • Form B, bearing an official signature;
  • Up-to-date company details from the register of companies;
  • Your company's EIC;
  • The BGR’s annual reports for the past two financial years, where applicable;
  • The BG’s forecast total annual energy supply or demand volume.

As soon as we have received and verified the documentation, we input the information to our system. The BG’s total annual energy supply or demand volume forecast and annual reports are forwarded to Oesterreichische Kontrollbank AG, to enable it to calculate the collateral required.

The bank then notifies the BGR of the collateral requirements, and once the collateral has been posted the new BG’s system account can be activated on the first day of the following month.